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    Sorry Im new to this forum… not sure how to paste a pic.

    The question at the last page in this link.  
    Its Q4. 
    Calculate the overall percentage atom
    utilization of this synthesis. (Use the combined
    molecular weights of the reactants, not products, for
    your calculation.)

    Here’s my attempt: 
    FW of all atoms utilised= C7H14 (98.186 g•mol?1)
    FW of all the reactants used= CH3Br (94.94 g•mol?1) + PPh3 (262.29 g•mol?1) + PhLi (84.05 g•mol?1) + C6H10O (98.15 g•mol?1) = 539.40 g•mol?1
    % Atom Economy = 98.186/539.40 x 100 = 18.20%

    I’m not sure if im doing it correctly cause the product of one reaction is the next reactant… Got a bit confused here.
    Please check it for me…
    Thanks in advance

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