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    Any swimming pool owner can hopefully tell you just how important it
    is to maintain the sanitation levels of the water insider swimming pool.
    Without taking control of this very important aspect of swimming pool
    maintenance, your pool water will be overflowed with disgusting germs
    and bacteria which greatly reduce the cleanliness of your water. Without
    these chemicals actively destroying the bacteria, algae would
    frequently build up and fill your pool with green, disgusting bacteria.
    And what is the purpose of purchasing a swimming pool to make your life
    much more enjoyable if the only thing it will be doing is living as a
    harbinger of germs?

    So now you realize the importance of using chemicals
    to treat your pool water for germs effectively. Now you just need to
    know how exactly it is done properly and you’re all set to begin the
    treatment process. First of all, before you begin adding the pool
    materials into the water, you must make sure that the pool filter is
    turned on and actively running. This is sort of a beginning stage
    process which allows for water circulation and lets the filter grab a
    hold of the small pieces of junk which are floating in your water
    Once this has begun and the small bits of debris which
    are floating in your water are completely cleared out, you are now ready
    to begin adding the pool chemicals. Just how much of the chemical you
    disperse into your water depends entirely on which brand and which type
    you are using. It is advisable that you look for the directions on the
    side of the container to understand just how much of the product you
    should be using in one sitting. As a general rule of thumb, you should
    be dumping the mixture at varying spots inside the pool, 2 to 3 feet
    away from each other. This technique is designed to ensure that the
    mixture is dispersed in even increments so that it will make contact
    with the largest area of water possible, making sure that every inch of
    your pool is treated effectively.
    stated above, for the most helpful and accurate information, you should
    be reading the instructions on your specific type of pool chemicals
    very carefully. It is possible that there are different techniques which
    will result in the best treatment for your personal brand of your
    choosing. Each chemical will have different results which can be widely
    affected by the way you employ them and knowing the most about these
    chemicals will definitely result in the cleanest pool.



    I was super excited when I purchased my very first Intex Easy Set Deluxe Pool and remember spending every single minute of my free time swimming or just floating in my beloved pool.

    Although I did my pre-purchase homework and bought all the right accessories for my pool, I lagged behind on the pool chemistry – the most important part of pool care.



    A small vessel is installed filter side, where the water will run thru the vessel after the water has been cleaned through your filter system and then evenly dissolves the tablets as needed, preventing too much or too little of chlorine from being in the pool at any given time.

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