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    Had been thinking how annoying it was trolling through post after post looking for advice for what a good first-time recreation dose is and what is not.

    Thought that having a sticky where you could find dosage levels of all RC’s right on the front page would be sweet.

    My thoughts are that they would be listed here on the 1st post and edited appropriately so that all relevant dosage info is right >here< I doubt that everyone will always agree on what a ‘good’ dose is, hopefully some consensus could be reached on what could be responsible LightMediumHeavy dosages for each substance and also for harm minimisation what would be an OD dose. Keep in mind the target audience is first-timers.

    So post up some info and it’ll get added in here, or corrections. 

    Substance: Light dose // Medium dose // Heavy dose

    Methylone: 150mg // 250mg // 400mg

    mephedrone: 100mg // 200mg // 300mg

    Butylone: 50mg // 100mg // 150mg

    MDPV: 10mg // 15mg // 20mg

    4-FMA: 75mg // 125mg // 200mg (note: avoid redosing within 2hrs of original)

    4-MeO-PCP: ??mg // ??mg // 250mg

    GBL: 1ml // 2-3ml // 4-5ml (note: start with Light dose and work-up; people have different OD thresholds with GBL)

    2c-i: 10mg // 20mg // 30mg

    2c-b: ??mg // 10mg // 20mg (INSUFFLATED doses)

    2-ce: 12mg // 15mg // 18mg (ORAL doses)

    JHW-018: (Smoking) 5mg // 10mg // 15mg

    2C-B-Fly: 10mg // 15mg // 20-25mg

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