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    General Description

    OSHA IMIS Code Number: S127

    Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number: 68-35-9

    NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS) Identification Number: WP1925000; 79591

    Monitoring Methods used by OSHA
    Primary Laboratory Sampling/Analytical Method (SLC1):

    current analytical method: High Performance Liquid Chromatography; HPLC/U
    method reference: 2 (OSHA In-House File)
    method classification: Not Validated
    Conditions: 50% methanol/50% water extraction; Zorbax C8; 15% acetonitrile 85% water 0.1% H3PO4; 1.5 mL/min; UV Det: 230; Retention time, 9 min; DL 6 ug/sample; C/P WEB 11/82

    Bulk Method:

    Limit the amount of bulk submitted to one gram or one mL

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