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    General Description

    Synonyms:  Sulphur dioxide; Sulfurous acid anhydride; Sulfurous oxide; Sulfur oxide

    OSHA IMIS code: 2290

    CAS number(s): 7446-09-5

    Monitoring Methods used by OSHA
    Laboratory Sampling/Analytical Method:
    MCE filter followed by a cellulose filter coated with sodium carbonate (SKC No. 225-9005, or equivalent
    Special sampling tube containing an uncoated glass fiber filter, followed by a sodium carbonate coated glass fiber filter, followed by two beds of silver nitrate coated silica gel (200/200 mg). (SKC No. 226-177, or equivalent)
    impregnated activated beaded carbon (100/50 mg sections) (SKC No. 226-80, or equivalent)
    mixed cellulose ester filter in series with midget fritted glass bubbler (MFGB) containing 15 mL 0.3N hydrogen peroxide.

    Carcinogenic classification:

    NTP: Not listed
    IARC: Class 3 (not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans)
    EPA: Not listed
    EPA Inhalation Reference Concentration (RfC): Not established

    ATSDR Inhalation Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs): 0.01 ppm (acute)

    NIOSH IDLH concentration: 100 ppm

    Notes on other potential health effects and hazards:

    Contact with liquid sulfur dioxide can cause frostbite on the skin (NIOSH/IPCS 2006).
    Some evidence indicates an association between environmental exposure to sulfur dioxide during pregnancy and low birth weight (ATSDR 1998).
    Partial reference list:

    ACGIH: Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) and Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs) – Sulfur Dioxide. 2016.
    ATSDR: Toxicological Profile – Sulfur Dioxide. US Health and Human Services (US HHS), 1998.
    NIOSH: Occupational Health Guideline – Sulfur Dioxide, 1978.
    NIOSH/CEC/IPCS: International Chemical Safety Cards – Sulphur Dioxide. October 10, 2006.

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