Question: Is BigPay Card Good?

Is big pay a debit card?

Unlike most e-wallets like vcash and FavePay, AirAsia’s BigPay is based on a Mastercard prepaid card that’s managed fully by its BigPay app.

Since it works like a normal credit/debit card, users can make payments at over 35 million Mastercard merchants worldwide..

How do you calculate big pay rate?

What’s the exchange rate on BigPay?Go to Mastercard currency conversion calculator.Choose the right currencies.Enter a transaction amount, or just ‘1’ if you want to know about the rate.Type 0.00% in the Bank Fee field (that’s what we don’t charge you ;)).Pick Malaysian Ringgit as your Card Currency.Hit Calculate and… voilà.

How do I activate BigPay?

It’s entirely free to sign up and get your BigPay card. You’ll need to add RM20 into your account as part of sign up. But don’t worry, it’s not a fee….Login to your BigPay app:Tap I have received my card.Enter the 3-digit CVC found on the back of your card.Set your card PIN and your card is activated!

Can I use BigPay to pay credit card?

Any debit or credit card as long as it’s Visa or Mastercard. For now, we don’t accept American Express. We don’t charge any top up fees but when you use a foreign card, your card issuer may charge you a currency conversion fee.

Is big pay a credit card?

BigPay explained BigPay is an app with a card that allows you to spend, send, receive and track money anywhere in the world.

What is BigPay Mastercard?

BigPay is a free money app that comes with a card you can use anywhere in the world. It gives you the best exchange rates, and it helps you budget by tracking all your spendings.

Which country can use BigPay?

BigPay has made it fast, simple and transparent for you to transfer money overseas from your app. You can transfer money from your BigPay account directly to bank accounts in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Click here for more details on transfer times by country.

What can I do with BigPay card?

You can use your BigPay card anywhere that accepts Mastercard. That’s over 40 million merchants worldwide! Unfortunately, you can’t use your BigPay card in North Korea and Israel.

Can I withdraw money from BigPay card?

Yes, of course! If you need cash, you can use your BigPay card to withdraw money at any ATM locally or abroad that has a Mastercard logo. … If you need cash, you can use your BigPay card to withdraw money at any ATM locally or abroad that has a Mastercard logo.

Can I use BigPay in China?

Send money to China with BigPay. Tired of spending 11% of your transfer on your bank? With BigPay, we give you great exchange rates, a fixed fee and your money will reach your recipient in just 15 minutes! Download the FREE BigPay app to send money to China.

What is the benefit of BigPay?

They support peer-to-peer transactions—for free. Since the BigPay app can be used across the globe, this means that two people with a BigPay card could send money to each other back and forth, and AirAsia won’t charge you a dime for it (for now).

Is big pay under AirAsia?

BigPay Checkout is a payment feature by AirAsia which allows BIG Members to store up to 10 credit or debit card details in their account and enjoy a faster payment process at the checkout page during flight bookings.

How do I transfer money to my BigPay card?

How to add money to my BigPay account?From the homepage of your BigPay homepage, tap Top up.Enter an amount.Add or select your top up source (credit/debit card or bank transfer)Enter the payment details on your screen.You’re done! We told you it was easy. 😉

Who owns big pay?

Tony FernandesAirAsia founder and CEO Tony Fernandes officially unveiled BigPay, the budget airline’s new digital payments platform, at the Money 2020 conference in Singapore today.

Can BigPay transfer to bank account?

BigPay now lets you transfer money to local and international bank accounts. BigPay is now making it easier to transfer money using its prepaid Mastercard balance. They have just enabled local and international bank transfers on the official app.