Question: What Do You Mean By Khasra Number?

How can I know my khasra number?

You can find out the Khasra number by logging on to the official land revenue department website of your state..

What do you mean by DAG number?

Khasra no is a plot number provided to a specific piece of land in a village. Khasra/ dag no is nothing but similar to the survey number. These are two different terms in which survey number is used in an urban area and khasra/ dag number is used in a rural area. Khasra number is also known as dag number.

What is the meaning of Khasra?

A khasra ( Hindustani: ख़सरा or خسره) is a legal agricultural document used in India and Pakistan that specifies land and crop details. It is often used in conjunction with a shajra (or shajra kishtwar), which is a reference map of the village that administers the land described by the khasra.

How do you read Khasra?

Number Khasra is the number of land holding, which remain same in all the jamabandi. If it is divided in parts it is written as khasra number 1/1, ½ when khasra number is divided in two parts. When khasra number 1/1 is again divided in two parts then it will become 1/1/1 and 1/1/2 and so on.

What is a survey number?

Survey number is a unique number for a particular land which has information like size of the land, location, ownership and other such information attached to it.