Quick Answer: What Are The Dangers Of Integrating A Personal And Professional Social Media Account?

What are the biggest errors users make when using social media?

Mistake 1: Focusing on quantity over quality.

Mistake 2: Being on all social media platforms.

Mistake 3: Posting the same content across platforms.

Mistake 4: Using only landscape videos and images.

Mistake 5: Sharing only our own content.

Mistake 6: Not curating user-generated content (UGC)More items….

What are the pros and cons of social media?

Pros & Cons of Social MediaProsConsPut yourself out there in a good wayPosting inappropriate statuses/picturesConnect with students in other educational systemsMaking people feel bad about themselvesMake new friends/communicate or connect with old friends/familyCyberbullying15 more rows

How should you act on social media?

5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media EtiquetteManage the content you post. Everything you post online from links you share to pictures and video is a direct reflection on you. … Good manners equals good reputation. Manners don’t cost you anything. … Keeping in touch with your connections. … Always ask permission.

How Social Media Affects professionalism?

The integration of social media into the professional world has presented professionals an opportunity to connect with other people who are in the same field or work for the same companies. … Social media also allows for employers to see the kind of person a prospective employee is before they hire them.

Is social media good for business?

Social media can help you engage with your customers and find out what people are saying about your business. You can also use social media for advertising, promotional giveaways and mobile applications. Social media can help your business to: attract customers, get customer feedback and build customer loyalty.

What are some of the risks of socializing with customers on social media?

The following are 10 social media risks for businesses and organizations:Loss of IP and Sensitive Data. … Compliance Violations. … Reputation Loss. … Financial Disclosure. … Effect on Human Resources. … Inability to Manage the Generational Divide. … Safety. … Competitor Risk.More items…•

What are the risks of using social media?

The risks you need to be aware of are:cyberbullying (bullying using digital technology)invasion of privacy.identity theft.your child seeing offensive images and messages.the presence of strangers who may be there to ‘groom’ other members.

What is the safest form of social media?

11 Safest Social Networks Ranked & ReasonedMastodon.Snapchat.Steemit.Minds.Riot.Whatsapp.Pinterest.LinkedIn.More items…

Is it appropriate to mix your social and professional networks?

“It’s a way to enter new professional galaxies.” But people can use the sites too much and as a consequence give less time to meeting with co-workers in person. “In most businesses, it’s optimal to mix social networking with real-life face-to-face interaction,” she writes.

What businesses should not do on social media?

What Not to Do When Using Social Media for BusinessSkip the Plan. So many small business owners dive into social media because everyone tells them they should, but they skip the research and planning phase. … Lie or Mislead. Social media can feel like a popularity game. … Ignore Everyone Else. … Be Vulgar, Obnoxious, and Confrontational. … Self-Promote All the Time.

What social media do professionals use?

LinkedIn. This serious, professional social networking should not be ignored by individuals or businesses. … Twitter. The number of characters may have changed, but Twitter remains all about instant connections and sharing your ideas. … Facebook. … Instagram. … Snapchat. … And Remember …

What are 3 risks of social media?

Social media: risks uploading inappropriate content, like embarrassing or provocative photos or videos of themselves or others. sharing personal information with strangers – for example, phone numbers, date of birth or location. cyberbullying. exposure to too much targeted advertising and marketing.

What is the most dangerous social media?

Top Dangerous Social Media AppsPeriscope.Houseparty.Voxer.Holla.Tumblr.Vsco.BIGO LIVE.WeChat.More items…•

How social media can ruin your life?

There’s bad news for those self-proclaimed social media “addicts”: multiple studies from the last year show that too much time spent on your favorite platforms can make you depressed and less satisfied with life. It starts early, too; even young teens report negative effects from social media obsession.

What is brand damage on social media?

When a brand does not consistently live up to its promises and its attractiveness suffers in consequence, we talk about brand damage. … The latter is the case when the communication of brand values is not coherent or a company makes strategic mistakes.

How do you separate personal and professional on social media?

Here is what I tell them about keeping things personal and professional.Keep Your Facebook Profile Personal. … Use the Facebook Pages Feed. … Consider Separate Twitter and Instagram Handles. … Implement Facebook “Sets” … Use a Public Figure-Type Facebook Page.

How social media can hurt your business?

It allows brands and businesses to directly reach their customers anytime and anywhere. … Social media has also led to the downfall of several businesses that, in one way or another, misused the marketing platform and destroyed their reputation or wasted a ton of money.

How do professionals stay on social media?

Staying professional on social mediaHave a conversation with management about social media. … Make time management part of your social media strategy. … Always remember that you are representing your employer. … Post on topics you’re passionate about. … Create your own content.