Quick Answer: What Is Holden’S Physical State In Chapter 24?

Why does Holden get upset to leave Antolini’s apartment?

He needs a place to stay and Antolini has offerred before.

After Holden goes to bed and is asleep, he wakes up to find that Mr.

Antolini is sitting on the bed and stroking Holden’s head.

This makes him freak out and leave the apartment..

Why did Holden cry in Chapter 23?

Holden is crying when he leaves his home at the end of chapter 23 because he has been crying internally since the beginning of the novel. … Holden is obviously looking for something throughout the entire book. He is unhappy because he feels lonely and because he has a bad opinion of himself.

Why did Holden have to leave Ernie’s?

Why does Holden leave Ernie’s? Holden leaves Ernie’s because Lillian is becoming annoying. He would rather leave then spend more time talking to her. … Holden becomes unimpressed with him and leaves.

What happens in chapter 24 of Catcher in the Rye?

When Holden wakes to find Mr. Antolini stroking his head, he snaps. The pressure of his surging sexual feelings, combined with the nervous homophobia he exhibited around Carl Luce, make Mr. Antolini’s gesture more than he can handle, and he leaves Mr.

What advice does Mr Antolini give Holden in Chapter 24?

You’re in love with knowledge.” It is ironic that Antolini tells him: “. . . you’re not the first person who was ever confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior.” Holden observes that the older man is drinking heavily throughout their conversation.

What does Holden do that scares Phoebe?

Holden narrates that Mr. … When he believes that it is safe, Holden asks Phoebe for money and she gives him eight dollars and change. He starts to cry as he prepares to leave, which frightens Phoebe. He gives Phoebe his hunting hat and tells her that he will give her a call soon.

Why did Holden fail his speech class Chapter 24?

“Holden . . . In Chapter 24, after Holden explains that he’s failed his Oral Expression class because he liked to make digressions in his stories, Mr. … Antolini wants to know more.

Why does Holden call Mr Antolini?

After visiting Phoebe, Holden decides to call Mr. Antolini. He used to be his teacher at Elkton Hills, he says, but he’s now an English instructor at N.Y.U. So Holden calls him up and tells him he’s flunked out of Pencey.

Who is Mr Spencer?

Mr. Spencer is Holden’s history teacher at Pencey. He’s the first adult Holden talks to in the book, and Holden seems to hold both him in high regard.

Why does Holden see Mr Antolini?

For, Holden fears adulthood, and he wishes to “catch” and hold the children in their young state; likewise, he hopes Mr. Antolini can “catch” him as he spirals downward in his own fears of adulthood.

What does Holden think of Mr Antolini?

Antolini was Holden’s favorite teacher at Elkton Hills. Holden admires and respects him because Antolini is not only intellectual and perceptive, but he has a heart. When James Castle committed suicide, it was Antolini who carried his bloody, broken body all the way to the infirmary.

Did Holden Caulfield have depression?

Holden displays many common traits of a person with PTSD following this loss. He has substantial amounts of guilt and depression and struggles to remember the details of events in his life. Holden’s emotions seem to be highly unbalanced. His rage is extreme and his joy is more manic.

Why does Holden feel comfortable in Antolini’s home?

Antolini’s home because he see’s similarities between himself and his teacher. Holden’s first meeting with Mr. Antolini was when he went to Elkton Hills, where Mr. … Although Holden felt comfortable enough to stay the night at Mr.

What dirty trick did Mr Spencer pull on Holden?

Spencer pulls the ultimate dirty trick on Holden. He pulls out Holden’s latest essay on the Egyptians and reads its aloud, right down to Holden’s self-degrading note: “I know this is junk, so it’s OK if you flunk me, don’t worry about it” (Ch. 2).

How does Mr Antolini upset and scare Holden?

How does Antolini upset and scare Holden? Can you relate his to Holden’s previous digression about “flits”? During his sleep, Holden felt something on his head, which caused him to wake up all of a sudden. … Antolini’s “admiration” and proceeded to gather his belongings and leave Mr.