Quick Answer: What Is The Best Thing To Watch While Stoned?

What is the best thing to watch when high?

Best Movies To Watch HighInception (2010) Inception is one of those movies that will blow your mind when you’re completely lucid.

The Matrix Trilogy (1999-2003) …

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004) …

Animal House (1978) …

Interstellar (2014) …

The Big Lebowski (1998) …

Fight Club (1999) …

Dude, Where’s My Car (2000)More items….

What should you not do while high?

27 Things You Shouldn’t Attempt While HighWatch Fantasia. weheartit.com. … Go to the grocery store. caydigestsny.wordpress.com. … Try to figure out how to slice a pineapple. … Attempt to bake cookies. … Design the ultimate weapon to wield in the zombie apocalypse. … Crack the mystery of human powered flight. … Call your parents. … Try and pick your favorite nebula.More items…•

What is the number 1 Netflix series?

The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix Right NowMorphle.The Crown.Selena.Big Mouth.The Queen’s Gambit.Virgin River.Cocomelon.The Ripper.More items…•

What should I watch on Hulu while high?

Stoner movies on HuluAli G Indahouse (2002)Amélie (2001)American Ultra (2015)The Biggest Little Farm (2018)The Big Lebowski (1998)Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)The Blues Brothers (1980)Booksmart (2019)More items…•

How much is HBO Max a month?

HBO Max is $15 a month at launch with a seven-day free trial.

Is Pineapple Express on Netflix 2020?

“Pineapple Express” is available to watch on Netflix USA!

What should I watch high on Amazon Prime?

With all that said, here’s the list of really good stoner movies on Amazon Prime that are available to stream right now.Good Kids (2016)Green is Gold (2016) … The Doors (1991) … Nerdland (2016) … Reefer Madness (2005) … Super High Me (2007) … Bongwater (1997) …

Can you get high by listening to music?

A new study from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University found that listening to highly pleasurable music releases the same reward neurotransmitter — dopamine — in the brain that is associated with food, drugs and sex.

Should I watch Pineapple Express high?

Watch Pineapple Express if you’re feeling adventurous While it may not sound like it, two idiot stoners finding themselves in the midst of a marijuana-related death crime investigation is exactly what you’ll want to see high.

What should I watch on 420?

Stoner movies: the best films to get baked to on 4/20Cats (2019) … Smiley Face (2007) … Reefer Madness (1936) … Dazed and Confused (1993) … The Wizard of Oz (1939) … Friday (1995) … Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) … Pineapple Express (2008)More items…•

Why is music so good when high?

According to Daniel Levitin, a professor of neuroscience at McGill University, “music combined with marijuana tends to produce feelings of euphoria and connectedness to the music and the musicians.” That said, music — with or without the influence of cannabis — enhances activity in the mesolimbic dopamine system.

What type of music do stoners listen to?

So, what is the best stoner music? If you’re a pothead, then you’re likely to agree that jam bands like Grateful Dead and Phish, rappers like Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg, and, of course, Pink Floyd and Bob Marley all qualify as great stoner artists.

Where can I go to watch movies for free?

Free Movie Streaming Sites – Watching Movies OnlineCrackle. Crackle tops our first priority in this list of the best sites for watching online movies for free. … Popcornflix. … Yidio. … Youtube. … Snagfilms. … Vudu. … The Roku Channel.

What is the meaning behind 4 20?

4/20 is, in short, a holiday celebrating marijuana. … The ritual spread, and soon 420 became code for smoking marijuana. Eventually 420 was converted into 4/20 for calendar purposes, and the day of celebration was born.

What should I watch on Netflix when high?

The Best Stoner Movies on NetflixAirplane! (1980) … Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke (1978) … Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics (2020) … The Interview (2014) … Mac & Devin Go to High School (2012) … Pineapple Express (2008) … Rolling Papers (2015) … Starsky & Hutch (2004)More items…•

What should you not watch while high?

The Worst Movies to Watch When You’re StonedThe Boss Baby. Dreamworks. … Inland Empire. StudioCanal. … Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Focus Features. … Trainspotting. Channel Four Films. … The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Pathé Renn Productions. … The Descent. Celador Films. … Mother! Paramount Pictures. … Toy Story 2. Pixar.More items…•

What should I listen to while stoned?

There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to a little music with a nice cannabis high circulating through your system….Why is music so good when high?Snoop Dogg.Dr. Dre.Pink Floyd.Bob Marley.Jimi Hendrix.Grateful Dead.Method Man.Cypress Hill.More items…•