What Does Toll Mean?

What takes a toll crossword clue?

takes a tollPEALSIt takes a tollEZ PASSIt takes a toll: Abbr.39 more rows.

What does emotional toll mean?

When you suffer a loss and feel sad, this is an example of a situation where the loss took an emotional toll on you.

What is another word for toll?

SYNONYMS FOR toll 3 tariff, levy, impost, exaction.

Is Tole a word?

tole n. (uncountable) A decorative metalware having a lacquered or enamelled surface that is painted or gilded.

What does reckoning mean?

A reckoning is a calculation or number you estimate. You might say, “By my reckoning, there are now seventeen kids in the bouncy house, which might be a few too many.” The act of counting or tallying can be called a reckoning, and so can a person’s opinion on something.

Is Lote a word?

lote v. (intransitive, archaic) To lurk; lie hidden. lote n.

What are synonyms for effects?

effectaftereffect,aftermath,backwash,child,conclusion,consequence,corollary,development,More items…

What is the rule of toll tax?

Karnataka office of NHAI said that NHAI toll waiting rules state – “that no toll after 3 minutes must be collected from a vehicle, but cities like Bangalore have narrow lanes and small land which makes it difficult for the state to construct more lanes and ease the waiting time at toll booths.”

What does for whom the bell tolls mean?

Donne says that because we are all part of mankind, any person’s death is a loss to all of us: “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” The line also suggests that we all will die: the bell will toll for each one of …

Is taking its toll on me?

If you say that something takes its toll or takes a heavy toll, you mean that it has a bad effect or causes a lot of suffering.

What is another word for tools?


What word or phrase could replace as a result?

What is another word for as a result?consequentlyas a consequenceergoin consequencesubsequentlythat being the casethencetherebyaccordinglyfor that reason40 more rows

What does Toled mean?

(Transparent OLED) An OLED display technology that uses a transparent anode and cathode. Heads-up displays directly deposited onto a vehicle’s windshield and a window blinds layer built into window glass are examples of TOLED applications. See OLED and FOLED.

What is the meaning of muddle headed?

mentally confused1 : mentally confused. 2 : inept, bungling.

What is the meaning of the word toll?

A toll is a payment made for something. To drive on some highways, drivers have to pay a toll when they exit. Toll comes from the Greek word for “tax,” telos. When a fee is charged for the privilege of driving on a road or crossing a bridge, it’s called a toll.

What does taking a toll mean?

: to have a serious, bad effect on someone or something : to cause harm or damage If you keep working so hard, the stress will eventually take its toll. —often + onToo much sunlight can take a (heavy) toll on your skin. Her illness has taken a toll on her marriage.

How do you use the word toll?

Toll sentence examplesThe dispositions drawn up by Toll were very good. … The toll or message rates are £3, with id. … I remained seriously concerned about the toll the sessions were exerting on him. … Toll, was warmly approved of by the king. … Obviously the long week was taking its toll on him as well.More items…