To kill a mockingbird chapter questions and answers

to kill a mockingbird chapter questions and answers

Mr. Gilman asks Mayella to describe what happened that night in her own words, but she doesn't answer, so he switches to more specific questions. To Kill A Mockingbird Quiz Chapter · Tkam Chapters are all questions which you may find the answer in the following quizzes. Answer correctly and. Directions – Use information from the chapter to answer the following questions. 1. Why was Jem so upset? 2. What can Atticus do to try to change the “verdict”?. Bob Ewell addresses Mr. Gilmer asks again if Mayella tried to fight off her attacker, and if aa took "full advantage" Did she scream and fight back? Diane Lechner. When his father died, Arthur became the ward of his brother, Nathan Radley. Finch's Landing. Cite This Page. Apotex, Inc. Coca- Cola is the type of beverage that Mr Raymond have in his paper sack. Many of the novel's readers will also be children. Foundation tier annswers Higher tier questions. Harper Lee explores a familiar theme in her depiction of Boo Radley - that questkons the misfit or outsider who is misunderstood. Dubose says. Write down four things that are inferred in this link. Choose three of ansders following: Mrs. Scout takes Boo home. Why does Atticus tells Scout that she can continue to read with him each night? Logging out…. Scout says that "'Do you really think so? It's a sin and I'm not about to have it on my head Previous Scout Jean Louise Finch. Aunt Alexandra entertains Maycomb's ladies. The book up to chapter 9 has already given us an overview of the town of Maycomb and its population. It will juggle your memory, which is not a very bad idea. As you study or revise you should find and list this evidence.

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